The Studio

The studio consists of four acoustically designed and treated rooms.

The studio rooms are laid out to allow the band or artist to lay down

their tracks in a live fashion.

This way of working speeds up the recording process and also allows

the band/artist to put the energy into the their songs that they get

only in their practise room or live performance.


The studio was built to give the best separation between the players while allowing them to see, hear and interact with each other.


Once the initial tracks have been lay down the rooms can be re-used for other instrument recording such as acoustic guitar, sax, brass and solos.

The Control Room:

The control room is a spacious and comfortable environment  in which to  record, mix and master your songs or audio production.

The room is acoustically designed and has natural daylight allowing the artist/band the space to be creative and relaxed.

The Live room

The live room is the largest open space in the studio offering a fantastic environment to record guitars, brass and strings, the room is acoustically designed.


The Drum room

The Drum room is off the live room and is a treated isolation room setup to record drums and percussion.

This room has a fully tuned drum kit.

The vocal room

The Vocal room is just off the live room and is a treated isolation room offering a space in which to record lead and backing vocals, voice-overs for radio and advertising.


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