Reliable, Professional Recording Services.


 Audio recording


 Digital editing




We can offer a full range of services, these include:

Audio tracking, Mixing and editing.

We have purpose built vocal room for tracking lead and backing vocals as well as Voice-overs for Radio and advertising.


We can help bands and solo artist with production on all projects, from albums to demo's


At Blue room we understand many artist like to track and record their own songs at home or in the practise room. We now offer a full Mixing service for those clients.

Simply bring your recorded multi-track Wav files to us and we can Mix & Master them to a professional  standard..

As well as Recording and Mixing we offer a graphic design & web deign service.


We can help you with Album artwork, logo design, website design and setup,all in one place.


If you require website design, please call for a quote as all customers requirements are different.


We have now added Video to our list of services and we can give you a quote for a video/audio package.

-From demo's  to full album production.-

We can offer great packages  for recording demo's and EP's

and also full album production.

Please call us now to book a session or to get a quote.


Call 08712 453 423 (Studio)

079831 54 393 (Mobile)




Studio hire with engineer:

£25 per hour (Special offer deal £120 per day).



£25 per track



 (from your own files) please call for a quote.


Web design & artwork:

please call for a quote.

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